End of Term Workshop Fun!

We had a fun day on Friday when we went into the Frederick Bremer School in Walthamstow, to run our acrylic jewellery making workshop with some of the Year 8 & 10 pupils for one of their end of term activity days!

It was great being back in a DT classroom (or CDT as it was in our day!). It kind of felt like home too, as we still basically make our things today in the same way that we learnt how to make them back in school!

DT workshop

DT workshop = dream workshop!

Maybe one day we can have a row of mechanical fretsaws and many, many work benches like this in our workshop!

bench set up for workshop

Our jewellery workshop stuff, with examples and sample templates, all set up on one of the lovely benches!

aprons ready

Aprons at the ready!

The 13 pupils were divided into two groups for the day, and then each group had only about two and a bit hours to design, hand-cut, clean and finish their own necklace or keyring designs.

We were so impressed with their ambition and skills! We were teaching with hand piercing saws, rather than the mechanical fretsaws that we usually use, and they were all really accurate with their cutting.

Here are their finished designs – we really hope they had as much fun making them as we did teaching!

finished medley

The amazing finished necklaces and keyrings!

Aside from the jewellery making, a highlight of the day for us was our school dinner : ) Being called “Miss” and “Sir” was quite funny for us too – we kept looking over our shoulders to see who the pupils were talking to!

school dinner

School Dinner!

We’re also thinking that now we’ve done an official day of teaching, in a real live school, maybe we get to have a long summer holiday? No? Oh well….worth a try!

Thanks so much for having us Mrs Sayegh (the real DT teacher!) and thanks to the amazing technician Harriet, and big thanks to all the pupils for choosing to do our activity! Happy Summer Holidays guys! : )


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2 Responses to End of Term Workshop Fun!

  1. …and nobody died from a serious fretsaw cut, alls well that ends well. 😊
    Seriously though, you have certainly inspired those kids, they’re creations are super.

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