Big Steam Print

We’ve just made a donation crowdfunding the Big Steam Print project organised by the Ditchling Museum of Art & Craft! So, so, so hope that this project goes ahead!

big steam print

There’s some amazing artists set to be involved who’ll make massive printing block works of art that will be printed by a vintage 12.5 tonne steam roller as it tours around the country! What’s not to love!

We’re particularly excited to see what SORT, Jo Waterhouse, Angie Lewin, Jonny Hannah, Anthony Burrill, Rob Ryan, James Brown and Lucky Budgie (whose super lino cut this is above) come up with if this project goes ahead! Keeping our fingers crossed it gets all it’s funding so we get some lovely postcards as our reward too! : )

big steam print in progress

Image above of the test lino being cut by Lucky Budgie on Instagram whose idea this whole vintage steam engine printing joyousness was!

They are 59% of the way there with the funding and their ArtFund page runs out in 9 days! Eek!

You can fund it with some great rewards here:

tote bag

printed off the roller

Image of the lino after being steam rolled(!) from @museumartcraft on Instagram. And above, a tote bag available as a crowdfunding reward!

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