London Design Festival 2015

The following blog post is a re-blog from the wonderful Sarika Thakorlal who came to visit the special LDF edition of Crafty Fox Market and had a go in our jewellery workshop!

We loved her post so much and her photos are just lovely, so we decided we couldn’t do much better ourselves – and she loves Iris De La Torre as much as we do! – so it’s really perfect!

We’ll post some more photos from our weekend around the market and from the jewellery workshop another day – but for now please enjoy Sarika’s lovely post:

iris de la torre

(image above from Iris De La Torre’s Instagram)

For round 2 of London Design Festival the itinerary was far milder with only a couple of stops. That was the theory anyway. My feet were in a heavy protest from all the walking the day before so I had to forgo any style concerns and wear my brothers trainers for the day. Yes. My little brothers trainers. So, footwear adjusted, off my mum and I trotted to the Old Street Crafty Fox Market to see the delights of lots of talented makers. These fairs happen throughout the year and although this was my first visit to one of them, I shall definitely be attending more. Free entry, great vibe and excellent selection of exhibitors. And a bar! What more could you ask for?


Image above: Textiles by Hannah Rampley / I Am Acrylic jewellery

I had been stalking Iris De La Torre for some weeks on Instagram, so I was delighted to meet the charming lady herself and try on ALL her wares. When I first laid eyes on her work I thought to myself It’s like she went inside my head and pulled out the jewellery of my dreams! I couldn’t leave without a few of her pieces; they are so immaculately made and simultaneously sixties and modern in design. I believe that she is one to watch. You heard it here first!

Image above: Deco jewellery by Manolo / Little Storm jewellery / Colour wall by Prickle Press / Iris De La Torre my top pick of the day

Mum and I took part in a jewellery making workshop with I Am Acrylic which was super fun and she was quite the pro (who knew?!). Brendan and Ruth were so much fun and great teachers. I attempted a Mary Quant-esque flower, which turned out to be an orange splotch but whatever, I still loved it!


And Smile Studio had a great stand and were doing 5 minute portraits but the queue was growing by the minute so we had to duck out of that particular bit of fun and opted for more shopping and nosing at the stalls. There was so much to see and buy! I love chatting with the makers at these events, finding out about them and examining their work; and buying directly from them does give a warm fuzzy feeling that the mainstream just can’t provide.

All that shopping sure builds up an appetite so we stopped for sustenance at the outdoor food market (it was German day so it was bratwurst and beers) and then headed onwards to Brick Lane and Espacio Gallery. Here we found the excellent show Pop Up Studio by milliner and vintage upcycler Gemma Sangwine, and master silk weaver and award winner Nick Ozanne of Leto & Ariadne. The show was so beautifully curated and true to its name it really felt like their studio; right down to Nick’s loom and him in his weaving socks! Expect more pop ups from this talented pair, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

So that’s it for my LDF roundup! Next year I’m going to set some more days aside to see more of the sights (and maybe wear trainers from Day One to save myself the agony). I know that I missed so many amazing shows, 2 days just isn’t enough time to do it all! Tweet me @sarikathakorlal to let me know what you got up to last week. And also perhaps let me know what I should order next time I’m in Sketch? These are essential concerns you know!

Thanks for a lovely blog post Sarika – and we had a lovely time teaching you to make your orange splotch! : ) and it’s true, your Mum was a total natural at acrylic jewellery making in the workshop! Hope to bump into you at another market soon! : )

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