Tonight we are guests on Folksy’s live twitter chat at 8pm called #folksyhour ….We can’t wait! We are chatting with Folksy alongside Leona from Lucky Dip Club and talking all about collaborating!

We have been lucky to have collaborated (along with 15 other Folksy designers) with Leona on an amazing Folksy x Lucky Dip Club box that launches on June 5th at 7am (these lucky dip boxes sell out fast – so set your alarms!)



What better way to celebrate all of this, than a quick blog about our crafty friends who have collaborated together – and some of the collaborations we’ve been a part of recently too!

First up – let’s have a quick peek at a lovely collaboration Lucky Dip Club did with Hollie Harris for her March “Birds of Paradise” box – Even though the box has long since sold out – they’re for sale still on Lucky Dip Club shop…Yay!….So cute!

hollie harris

hollie harris 2

And here’s a photo Hollie took of them – alongside the cute zine that Leona includes in the box that’s about (among other things) the artists who she’s collaborated with – such a lovely extra thing to do!

We have been LOVING a recent collaboration between Toby I Like Cats and Little Birdy – such cute hand made cats by Little Birdy that have been decorated by Toby! This gorgeous photo is from Toby’s Instagram feed – something that always brightens up our day!

toby i like cats little birdy

Little Birdy is also one of the collaborators for the Folksy x Lucky Dip Club box!

Designosaur and Hello DODO have made one of the most brilliant collaborative pieces in the history of collaborative pieces! So much so that they’re shortlisted for a Mollie Makes magazine award for collaborations!

Meet George, the cameleon, that goes with anything!


Have a look at this brilliant blog post from Designosaur that shows George being worn by loads of different customers on all sorts of different outfits!

Designosaur have just collaborated with Lucky Dip Club on the forthcoming “Dinosaur Disco” June box! And Hello DODO are one of the 15 designers for the Folksy x Lucky Dip Club box!

One of our favourite shops, Unlimited in Brighton, recently embarked on an amazing and quite simply mammoth collaboration!

The project is called ‘FOUR PLAY’ – a collaboration between their own design studio and a curated collective of 40 fantastic illustrators, artists and designers.

All 40 participants were given a FOUR letter word to illustrate in their own distinctive visual style using a fixed palette of FOUR spot colours. Unlimited design studio then incorporated their word into each artwork, creating a unique typographic response for each and an exciting collaborative final piece.

Here are some of the amazing results that are available as limited edition prints or packs of mini prints through their website or in the shop:

unlimited 1

SHOW by Virginie Morgand & Unlimited Studio. TELL by Kristian Jones & Unlimited Studio.

unlimited 3

LOVE by Tom Pigeon & Unlimited Studio. LIFE by Lucie Sheridan & Unlimited Studio.

unlimited 2

PLAY by Rhona Garvin & Unlimited Studio. AWAY by Lou Taylor & Unlimited Studio.

We have been lucky to have been involved in some great collaborative projects recently too!

It was a joy to design some awesome merchandise recently for the amazing musician Piney Gir to celebrate her new album “Mr Hyde’s Wild Ride”! Check out this amazing video!

Here are two of the designs we did – that she is currently selling at her gigs – one to go with her beautiful song “Purple Heart” and the other to represent one of her lyrics “and sometimes it rains in my heart”.

piney gir

piney gir 2

Go and see her play!

And we can’t do a post about collaborating without mentioning the most wonderful collaborator of the moment: LOIS.

Helen Ward is the brains behind LOIS – once a bricks and mortar shop – now an awesome online shop and collaborating powerhouse!

She has teamed up with some lovely London designers and created some amazing exclusive designs – sometimes pairing designers and manufacturers together to create these exclusives – Check out the website for videos of the stuff actually being hand made – and to buy some of the beautiful products!

Here are just some of the exclusives, including our Lighthouse brooch, necklace and print!


lighthouse print 1

The print was printed by Peckham Print Studio – and Helen (LOIS) amazingly liased between the two of us to produce the most lovely print of our design!

We’ve loved her other collaborations – too many to include them all here – but here are a few faves:


Jonna Saarinen hand-printed scarves exclusive to LOIS.

laurie ellen

Laurie Ellen copper and silver bracelet exclusive to LOIS.

pen and gravy

Pen & Gravy’s design for a coaster laser printed by Dot Laser – exclusive to LOIS.

WOW! What a lot of great collaborations! If you want to join the converstion tonight on Twitter – be sure to use the hashtag #folksyhour to ask questions and get involoved!

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  1. Love the purple hearts and rain in my heart iamacrylic designs – fab!

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