Artists’ Open Houses

It’s nearly time for Artists’ Open Houses Brighton & Hove 2015! We love this festival! I remember going when I was younger and loving going into people’s houses to see all the amazing stuff they’d made! And you can buy it! : )

It runs for the first 4 weekends in May!


Here’s a round up of our trip around last years festival! What’s great about the festival is it is really different each year!

Here’s the beautiful brochure and some flyers we picked up last year…


These are our favourite bits, but you’ll have to find your own favourites this year….as some of these houses aren’t even open this year!

peggy poppleton 1

The welcome that some of the houses give is amazing! Some even have home-made cake and tea with a donation box : )

42 hendon street cake and mr wingate

Above is the best cake we had on our way round! – served on Mr Wingate Hatch plates – and Mr Wingate himself even washed up his own Hatch plates for us : ) This was in one of our favourite houses last year: AT Open House taking place on Hendon Street. Some of our brilliant designer friends were taking part in this amazing selection : ) Here are some snaps of the lovely work there:

hendon street bull stairs

42 hendon st 1

Some Dead Methods prints on view above right..and so much more work that I didn’t get a chance to note down who it was all by! Head on over to for a full list of artists : )

42 hendon st hello dodo

Our favourite screen-printing duo Hello DODO above. We didn’t manage to take a photo of their display, but the lovely Designosaur also had their brilliant jewellery for sale : )

42 hendon st 2

Loved seeing stuff in the setting of a house – Alice Pattulo prints on the left, up and down the stairs : )

We went to about 14 houses in total I think – mapped out using the online catalogue and kind of planned to be on the way between our top picks!

We loved the hand printed furniture in one of the houses by Zoe Murphy below:

zoe murphy

Another of our favourite houses was 13 Whichelo Place – beautiful ceramics and other works by Gill Parry, Rebecca Parry, Jane Abbott, & Ann Symes:

whichelo place2

Loved this little child’s drawing and shell collection in the bathroom – where other ceramic pieces were also on display:

whichelo place

Another house with a lovely selection of designers was Peggy Poppleton’s shop. Head on over to their facebook page for details of their work and the other designers who were there last year!

peggy poppleton 2

A couple of other artists in other houses, whose work we really enjoyed were Katie Brinsley‘s ceramic jugs with bird handles!  And Sylvie Howitt‘s papercuts on vintage maps – we didn’t get to take any photos but did take their business cards/postcards… take a peek at their websites!

katie brinsley sylvie howitt

Thank you Artists’ Open Houses Brighton & Hove 2015! See you again in May!



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3 Responses to Artists’ Open Houses

  1. designosaur says:

    oooo! You’re coming down again! We are going to be in a house called Studio Loo which is a converted victorian public toilet! The Brighton Etsy Team is also creating a map of the houses that local Etsy sellers are part of!

    Hope you have alllll the fun when you come down! 🙂


    • i am acrylic says:

      hellooooo Designosaur : ) It was so much fun we definitely want to come again this year! Like the sound of your converted Victorian Public toilet! And the Brighton Etsy sellers map sounds ace : ) xxxx

  2. hello
    Thanks for putting in lovely pictures from ‘peggy poppleton’s shop’ last year. I am having a year off this year but you can find some of my new designs at a charming house with a beautiful shed…
    lots of love peggy. x

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