Pop-Up Jewellery Workshops!

As we look ahead to the Spring/Summer we’re really excited about several **pop-up jewellery making workshops** that we’ll be running:

We will be doing drop-in all day sessions (no ticket needed) pop-up workshops alongside our regular market stall at the following craft fairs:

Renegade Craft Fair 11th & 12th April (Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London)

BUST Summer Craftacular 17th May (York Hall, Bethnal Green, London)

Manmade Craft Fair 12th & 13th of June (Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London)


It all started back in December last year when we ran our first ever jewellery workshop at  the amazing BUST Christmas Craftacular Craft Fair:


We ran the workshop right next to our stall and lots of lovely people came along to have a go – I think about 20 people had a go in the end – it was a busy afternoon!

workshop in progress 3 workshop in progress

We took along some templates and examples of some simple things that people might like to make:

sparkly workshop samples72A lot of people were keen to make their own designs too – and we loved seeing them come to life!

Looking at all the photos of all the different hands sawing and cleaning up their necklaces and keyrings is brilliant!:

making medleyIt was great how quickly everyone got the hang of sawing out their shapes – some hadn’t done anything like it since school – and were enjoying the nostalgia – and all of the designs came out so well!

workshop medley72

made medley


Thanks to J Miller for the photo of her wearing her J necklace (above) with our little piece of cheese! Nice colour combo! : )

Some attempted some quite ambitious projects! The Roller Skate and the Bunny were probably the most complicated designs and required some concentration on the saw!:

roller skate medley

Thanks to Jenni for the amazing photo of her wearing her roller skate necklace!

bunny medley

We enjoyed seeing the younger kids that were really keen to have a go, but were just a bit too young to use the saw – their parents (or we) did the cutting out bit for them, and then they did so well at cleaning up the design they had created!

creative busstop makingThanks to Sian of Creative Bus Stop for this photo above of her daughter cleaning up a little sparkly cloud that Sian had cut out for her!

Thanks so much to everyone who came along and made it such a fun day! We’re looking forward to seeing what people make at the next one!

creative busstop signAnother photo from Creative Bus Stop of our workshop sign!


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  1. results look great – bunny especially cute! happy easter!

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