Museum der Dinge

Brendan ran the Berlin marathon in 2010 and I, along with some of our friends and family (Team Fan!) went along for the trip!

brendan marathon

Aside from Brendan running an amazing sub 3 hours time with a time of 2:58:35 – !! – the BEST thing that we did was go to the Museum der Dinge! The Museum of Things, in Kreuzberg.

Here are a selection of images of the amazing things that make up the collection! I photographed all of the more kitsch/everyday objects, but they also had design classics in the collection. (all on my terrible old phone! Sorry about the quality!)

mdd19 mdd12 mdd11 I love all the tupperware! And don’t miss the severed finger in the top photo!?!

From the Museum der Dinge website: “The Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge (Werkbund Archive – Museum of Things) chronicles the product culture of the 20th and 21st centuries, a culture marked by mass production and industrial manufacturing.  At the core of our institution is the archive of the Deutsche Werkbund (DWB).  Founded in 1907, this group of German artists, designers, and manufacturers was one of the leading organizations pushing for a cultural utopia achieved through design and way-of-life reforms at the beginning of the 20th century.”

mdd14 mdd13

A dream collection of Salt & Pepper shakers!!

mdd16 mdd7

It was really interesting to see everyday household stuff too… a chronicle of design rather than necessarily a celebration of great design!

mdd18 mdd17

Dolls house furniture!!

From the Museum der Dinge website: “As a museum concept, the Werkbunkarchiv – Museum der Dinge is perceived as a museological laboratory, with the aim of creating new experiences with and making observable the history of objects in the 20th century as it emanates from contemporary product culture.”

mdd10 mdd9 mdd3 mdd2

Loved all of the home-wares! Especially the Art Deco cocktail glass!

mdd15 mdd4 mdd5

Love the Shell ships and box in the top photo – makes me think of the Shell Grotto – I did a post about our visit there too – have a look here!

mdd20 mdd8 mdd1

From the Museum der Dinge website: “Over approximately 500 square meters of exhibition space in a former factory building in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood, the museum’s collection is presented as an “open depot” of objects.  The permanent exhibition focuses on a meaningful presentation of groups of things that exemplify the design philosophy of the Deutsche Werkbund and demonstrate the development of materials, forms, functions, and usages of objects from the 20th century to the present.”


They have an amazing thing on their website too where you can view lots of the objects here…….and you can adopt an object for a year too if you like!

And even if you don’t read German, you can still ogle the goods : )

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4 Responses to Museum der Dinge

  1. Wow! That museum is amazing! So many great objects – I like the shell box; I used to have one as a kid and then as a teenager I thought it was ‘old and boring’ and gave it to charity; how I wish i had it still. Stupid teenage thoughts!

  2. This sounds a lot like the ‘Land of lost content’ in Shropshire that I randomly stumbled across whilst on a bit of a road trip with friends, except this looks much cleaner and more organised, so many gorgeous things!

  3. This sounds and looks a lot like the ‘Land of lost content’ in Shropshire which I stumbled across whilst on a road trip with friends, we saw a sign and knew we had to go! However this looks a lot less creepy, it was dark and cluttered, this looks much cleaner and well organized in comparison!

    • i am acrylic says:

      Hi Claire! Sorry for late reply! That place looks a bit epic judging from their website! This place was so clean and organised – such beautiful wooden cabinets! xx

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