Geffrye Museum Christmas Past

Today we had a wander around our neighbourhood – and finally managed to make it to the Geffrye Museum at Christmas time to see how they would have ‘decked the halls’ in the past! I think the ‘1965 living room’ has to be my favourite:

1965 christmas 2

Let’s go through the rest of the decorations in order of dates……and please excuse the VERY POOR quality of photos!! You can still go and see for yourself as they’re open between Christmas and New year and the exhibition is on until 4th January : )

1630s christmas

1630’s Christmas (above)

victorian christmas victorian christmas 2

Victorian Christmas (above)

1935 christmas 2 1935 christmas

1935 Christmas (above)

1965 christmas

More 1965 Christmas – love all the toys strewn all over the rug : )

1965 christmas presents

If you can’t get down in person (it’s free entry by the way!) There are some much better images on the Geffrye Museum website HERE too – and a bit more detail as well!


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