Renegade Craft Fair London 2014 – Part 2: All the other lovely stalls!

In our previous post: Renegade Craft fair London 2014 Part 1 – we showed you what our stall and our lovely neighbours’ stalls looked like….. (have a read HERE : ) )

Now, as we look forward to our stall (and workshop!) at BUST Craftacular in Islington this coming Sunday, we’d like to invite you to take a tour of the rest of the fair with us! Lots of the designers we pestered for a photo are also going to be at BUST Craftacular!

(And although we won’t be, some are at the wonderful Crafty Fox in Peckham this weekend too!)

So you can treat this like a mini preview!!

A new discovery for us was Iris De La Torre – we fell in love with the giant flower above her stall for a start – and then on closer inspection she has the most beautiful jewellery made from acrylic! Stunning!

iris de la torre 1

iris de la torre

Brilliant hedgehog pin cushions by Little Birdy : ) Her lovely stall was being tended to by the equally lovely Lori MacAlpine-Smith who has just started a new blog – check it out!! Nothing Too Ordinary.

little birdy

Opposite were these cute little travelling seagulls by The Mouse ran up the Clock – in a matchbox sized box!

travelling seagull

It was lovely to see a whole stall of Layla Amber‘s beautiful jewellery! I am already a proud owner of her flower necklace and little flower earrings : ) Should have treated myself to more…next time!!layla amber

Along the row was Charlotte Filshie (below left) she uses upcycled materials to make her cute and geometric jewellery. And Home Slice (below right)…love their homewares!

filshie & home slice

Got a full head-shot of these lovely next two ladies : ) Below left is And Smile with her beautifully illustrated prints and shrink plastic jewellery – so much happiness on her stall! (She is at Crafty Fox this Sunday coming in Peckham) And below right is Kate Rowland – and her brilliant illustrations that are laser etched and hand finished on wooden jewellery – we are in love with her giant wooden props on the stall! (She will be at BUST Craftacular on Sunday)

and smile and kate r

Below left is Charlotte Farmer’s beautiful hand screen-printed work – she’s at Crafty Fox on Sat : ) And below right is Hokolo‘s stunning prints and homewares! (She too is at Crafty Fox this Sat : ) )

farmer and hokolo

Jill‘s stall looked as amazing as ever! (top picture below) Her hand-screenprinted purses are one of our faves! (Looking forward to a chat and a cup of tea on Sunday as she’s at BUST too : ) )

Bottom picture below shows Eightbear‘s amazing alphabet blocks! And gorgeous alphabet animal prints – looking forward to a catch up on Sunday as she too is at BUST! Yay!

jill and viggers

Here’s Anna from Custom Made (top photo below) – that’s maybe the third year in a row that I’ve asked her for a cheesy pose at Renegade : ) She’ll be at Crafty Fox on the Saturday and then at BUST on Sunday – yay!

And bottom photo below is Georgia Bosson – her production method for her cushions is so interesting – she uses the waste materials created from industrial die cutting – the circles having been cut out for another use – and she has designed a beautiful range of homewares and stationery as well – And she’s at BUST on Sunday too! It’s gonna be a great craft fair!

anna and georgia

Birds in Hats is one of our favourite illustrators! We can’t wait for January so we can use our new Birds in Hats Calendar! Have you got yours yet? Get it now! They sold out fast last year : )

birds in hats

Yay! It’s not Renegade without this lovely bunch from Brighton (below)! From left to right: I Like Cats, Designosaur and Hello DODO have a look at their brilliant works! (I don’t know where Woah there Pickle was for the photo – please do check out her amazing lino cut work too!)

toby karli jacques jam ali

Below top is Scout Editions – beautiful illustrations and pins and much more! They are at BUST on Sunday too : )

And below bottom is the lovely work from Uncommonly Beautiful (sorry, my photo doesn’t do it justice!) All made from upcycled objects they are amazing! And she is running a jewellery workshop at BUST on Sunday as well as selling her wares – £15 and you can book tickets here: Uncommonly Beautiful bracelet making workshop.

scout and uncommonly

Below left is Sabine Gerth and her beautiful hand-made leather wallets, purses and bags – she has a regular and lovely pitch at Broadway Market on Saturdays : )

And below right and centre is Alice Shields – she creates the most amazing things out of ceramics by hand – we are in awe!

sabine and alice

Just love Pygmy Cloud’s little stall with one of their bears : ) (below left) The penguin that I got from them a few years ago at Crafty Fox is still very happy watching over my studio!

And below right is the wonderful and cheery work of Sarah Edmonds – and Sarah Edmonds herself! (She is at Crafty Fox this w/e too!)  And sharing with her – but I didn’t get a photo (shame!) is Rock Cakes – she makes beautiful jewellery – check it out!

pygmy and sarah edmonds and rock cakes

It was lovely to finally meet Hello Sunshine – and her stall was just filled with sunshine! Loved the display : ) : )

hello sunshine

And I got to have a closer look at Jenny Sibthorp‘s lovely hand-printed wallets and cushions and bags and jewellery – been coveting it all since the October Crafty Fox market….one day I’ll make my move and buy something with those lovely lemons on! She is also at BUST on Sunday : ) – so maybe that’ll be the moment I finally choose what I want!

jenny sipthorp

Emma Carlisle‘s stall was just fit to bursting with so many charming and cute and beautiful hand painted creatures!  Loved it!

emma carlisle

And kind of leaving the best till last ; ) – I have been in LOVE with Anna Wiscombe‘s wooden flowers for quite a while now – we get to see them every month when we do the Designers/Makers market in Old Spitalfields – and I dream of an uncluttered house with these on the white window sills : ) She is going to be at Crafty Fox on Saturday and also at BUST on the Sunday! Yay! I can lust after them on Sunday when/if?! I get a tea-break from the running the workshop!

anna wiscombe

There’s an amazing line-up of designers at BUST Craftacular – check them all out HERE! And hopefully see you there! : ))))



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