DIY Board Games compendium!

Exciting news! I (Ruth) helped design a new compendium of Board Games that you can customise! It’s called DIY Board Games and is published by Laurence King in one of their brilliant collaborations with board games main image And it’s out now!

You can colour it in, sew on it, sticker all over it and build 3d counters! Fun for all the family – or just for yourself : )

I also wrote the rules (that was hard work!) and instructions for colouring in etc – and a few silly facts for each game – in the lovely little instruction pamphlet that comes with it.

All of the amazing illustrations and design work was done by Inca Starzinsky who does a lot of the design work for the Magma/Laurence King range.

Inca also makes the most beautiful acrylic jewellery! Please check out her lovely website: Inca Starzinsky

diy board games box

There are 5 games and something to suit all ages from about 3 years upwards.

There’s Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Backgammon, Draughts and Game of the Goose. You can customise all the boards and counters – there’s hours of fun even before you play the games!

diy board games laid out

(It’s kind of aimed at kids – but totally good fun for all the big kids out there as well – I really enjoyed decorating the Snakes and Ladders board!)

Here’s a little before and after shot of the jungle themed Snakes & Ladders board and counters!


diy board games snakes before

After, including rope ladders sewn on using some bits of wool!

diy board games snakes after

This is going to be coming out all the time over Christmas in our house!

Who doesn’t love a good game of backgammon on a full stomach! And while you’re playing a more grown-up game, any kids that are around can get on sticking stickers on and colouring in all of the other boards and counters! Or just have a game of Snakes & Ladders with the board as it is : )

If you like the look of it you can buy it in tons of places! I’d totally recommend Magma though! They also stock our jewellery and tons of other great gifts! You can buy it in their lovely shops (In Covent Garden, Clerkenwell and Manchester) or online: Magma




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