DIY Jewellery Workshop at BUST Craftacular!

We’re very excited to be running a jewellery workshop alongside our market stall on Sunday 14th December at the BUST Christmas Craftacular London!


Come and have a play with our tools and learn how to make an acrylic keychain or necklace!

draw the template72

You can use our templates or design your own! Once you’ve chosen your shape and colour you’ll draw it out onto the protective layer on the acrylic. Then we’ll add some selotape to help keep the blade lubricated whilst cutting. (It gets hot and can get stuck otherwise!)

cut the shape out72

Then you’ll use a piercing saw to cut out the shape – it’s easy! And will probably only take 5 minutes at the most : )

cut the shape out close

Top tip: Choose a shape without any corners if you’re not feeling too confident with the saw!

filing the edges72

Then you’ll put your shape into a vice and clean up the rough sawn edges with needle files and a quick scrape with a stanley blade (not pictured).

sanding the edges72

Then a final sand down with some dry ‘wet & dry’ sand paper.

drill a hole72

Finally you, or we, will drill a hole for the jump ring to go through, before making it into a keychain or a necklace!

finihsed keychain72

Done! We estimate 20 minutes in total – or maybe more realistically 30 minutes – cos we’ll want to have a gossip and maybe a biscuit whilst we work : )

 BUST Christmas Craftacular is at The Islington Metal Works. 7 Torrens Street. London EC1V 1NQ. It’s just round the corner from Angel Tube station. Admission is £3 – and there’s an amazing goodie bag for the first 100 people through the door : ))))

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