Business Card of the Week #6

This week we’d like to introduce you (if you’ve not already met!) to…Hannah Zakari : )

hz front72

hz back72

We love Hannah Zakari! It was founded and is owned by Rachael who runs it along with her friend and colleague Steph. The name comes from the Japanese ‘hanazakari’ – which translates as ‘blossoming’ or ‘blooming’ : )

There’s a beautiful online shop, that has been selling work by independent designers since October 2004 – so it’s nearly their 10 year birthday! And since 2010 they have a gorgeous bricks and mortar shop in Edinburgh. (Which we’re so excited that we’re going to finally get to visit in October!!)

We’re very lucky to have our stuff stocked there amongst all the other lovely things : )

Here are a couple of our current favourites from the online shop:

layla amber autumn posy brooch HZ

Autumn Posy brooch by Layla Amber (photo from Hannah Zakari)

Naomi Murrell moonbeam hoop earrings HZ

Moonbeam Hoop Earrings by Naomi Murrell. (photo from Hannah Zakari)

So…..pop the kettle on, make a cup of tea and then go and have a browse on their website!











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