Sausage Dog!

Woof! Woof! We love getting commissions here at I Am Acrylic HQ – and this one was particularly lovely as it was ordered by the parents of one of our favourite customers, as a Christmas present for her : )

They asked if we could make a Sausage Dog necklace, so, knowing that their daughter quite liked our landscape style necklaces, we came up with this (very professional) sketch!

sausage dog sketch

They were very happy with the idea – so we got making!

The ear was initially going to be an extra piece stuck on top (see cross-hatching on sketch) but during the cutting out the ear developed, and we think the final design has a much more elegant solution:

sausage dog finished

sausage dog finished boxed

Thanks so much for the commission, we loved it! And almost didn’t want to part with the finished thing : )

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One Response to Sausage Dog!

  1. My sister would absolutely love this (she has a sausage dog)! I also recently bought a pair of your cloud & lightning perspex studs and they are my new favourites. I thought it would be great if you made a rain drop and a sun too – I would definitely buy them and mix and match my earrings (I could make them match the weather or my mood!). Keep up the beautiful work!

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