This was a lovely recent commission, and made all the more lovely because we LOVE windmills!

windmill face on 900We’ve stayed in a National Trust windmill in Norfolk in the past – brilliant, pretending to be Windy Miller! And have enjoyed a few visits to the one at Upminster (just at the end of the District Line). Ruth’s Dad also used to volunteer at a working windmill at Shipley helping to show people how it ground flour and everything : )  (this was also the home of Jonathan Creek! – but now sadly closed to the public and no longer working).

So, you can imagine how excited we were to attempt this commission!

Here’s the very rough sketch that we sent to the customer for approval before we attempted to make it from acrylic:

windmill rough sketchThe customer suggested some a-symmetry with the sun and cloud, which we thought worked much better!

It’s also now for sale here, in our online shop! (with kind permission from the commissioner ; ) )

Here are a few more shots of the finished thing (oh……and we made two so that Ruth could have one for herself – naturally!)

windmill side view 900windmill in hand 900

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