Twit Twoo! We love getting commissions here at I Am Acrylic HQ – it’s a real challenge to turn an idea in someone’s head into an actual 3d product, but that’s part of the fun!

Here are two Owl brooches we made at the start of the year – they are for two Brownie leaders; Snowy Owl and Brown Owl!

white owl hi 72brown owl72The lovely lady who is Brown Owl got in touch with us to ask if we could make some commission brooches, and she gave us this photo that she’d found on the internet to show us the kind of look she was after : )

owl from internetWe did a few (dodgy!) mock ups in paper to see if she was happy with the design that we had come up with:

eyes closed brown owl sketcheyes open white owl sketchIn the end, we all preferred the one with it’s eyes open, and this turned out to be much easier to make as we could just drill the eyes – meaning that we only had the challenge of cutting out the beaks with a hand fretsaw!

These side shots show the different layers a bit more clearly:

white owl side view 72brown owl side view 72And here are the happy Brownie leaders wearing their brooches! (Spot the other I Am Acrylic jewellery bits being modelled – Yay! : ) )


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