Business Card of the Week #4

This week we’d like to introduce you to (if you’ve not already met!)….. House of Ismay!

house of ismay ghouse of ismay backSarah actually has many, many different covers for her business cards, so far we have two!:

house of ismay whaleShe makes the most lovely, paper covered, hand cut, wooden brooches, cufflinks and necklaces. She also makes beautiful little notebooks.

She uses reclaimed materials for everything which has gained her a Blue Butterfly Trust Mark for sustainability : )

I recently bought a ‘W’ brooch (for my surname….) at a pop up shop House of Ismay was involved with:

w broochThe main reason I bought is was that it also featured the town of ‘Redruth‘…took it as a sign it was meant for me : )

redruth close upHouse of Ismay has her own online shop and also an Etsy store…check them out! And keep an eye out if she’s at any craft fairs…cos there’s always lots of one-off lovelies to be had!

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