We personalised a Letterpress Valentine’s card for each other with SORT today!

We popped along to see our friends Theo and Tom of SORT Design‘s pop-up Letterpress print studio in Fortnum & Mason today….to personalise a Valentine’s card for each other…. ♥

printing workshopThey have 5 designs to choose from that have the space for a name left blank…so you can fill it in and print it yourself on one of their little Adana printing press : )

consultationBrendan choosing a card for me…..in consultation..

blank card and typeThe chosen card…

selecting the typeHere’s Theo lining up the type…

prepping the typeadana action shotAction shot!!

both cardsHere are the cards we’re going to surprise each other with on Friday….

adanaQuick close up of the Adana machine!

card tableA sample of the lovely cards and notebooks available from SORT…and sold at Fortnum & Mason.

collywobblesClose up of a few favourites : )

letterpress rocksGo and have a go…it’s on until 7pm on Friday 14th February ♥.

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