Renegade 2013 round-up (did you know lots of people like Strawberry Creams?!)

On the 9th & 10th of November we had a stall at the annual Renegade Craft Fair in the Truman Brewery building on Brick Lane.

This year was bigger than ever!

overviewLast year we took along lots of Penguin bars…and began the debate about which one’s better…Penguins or Tim-Tams?….This year, as it was closer to Christmas we took a box of Quality Street…and were totally shocked by how many people absolutely love Strawberry Creams!…..You can all come to our house at Christmas!

We had a new wall in our set-up this year…to display our new range of little pictures that we like to call ‘Wallery’ – because it’s like jewellery for your wall!

our stallour wallWe also had a nature table….to display our new Conker necklace, Hedgehog necklace and Cactus range….

nature tableWe ended up making lots of new things in time for Renegade, including our new tiny Cheese Board and new mountain range necklace….

cheese boardmountain rangeHere’s a round-up of all the other lovely stuff we saw…get ready for a marathon session of photos from around the fair!:

garudio studiage

Some stall tree envy…lovely sparkly palm trees!…Garudio Studiage.

dodo and dino

The lovely people from Brighton on their shared stall…Hello DODO and Designosaur.

georgeAnd their collaboration, George the Cameleon necklace…genius!…..he goes with anything!

ladybirdThe usual loveliness that is on Ladybird Likes‘ stall.

miwaryMiwary’s amazing selection of hand sewn stuff!

benu and smileLovely Pom-Pom and leather jewellery from Benu on the left and cute illustrations on prints and jewellery from And Smile on the right.

lucie ellen buntingLucie Ellen was offering ‘make your own bunting necklace’ service alongside selling all her lovely wooden wares.

fairyfairy palmWas quite taken with this very detailed Palm Tree Polaroid necklace by Hand over your fairy cakes!

ella mastersSo much to see on Ella Masters‘ stall!

custom madeLove this cushion by Custom Made!

hanna melinWe love this little Banana man by Hanna Melin!

scout editionsTwit Twoooo! Scout Editions!

lovely jojosLove the light switch print by  Lovely Jojo’s ….we have some light switches that don’t work in our flat…perhaps we should just replace them with a print!

ladysnailHedgehogs by Debbie Greenaway…aka The imagination of Ladysnail.

pygmy cloudI spy the little Penguin that I bought at Crafty Fox market by Pygmy Cloud!

jillAmazing cards, prints and purses by Jill….just love the blue tit! (sorry photo bit dark with shiny plastic – go check out her website!)

birds in hatsBirds In Hats!

anna wiscombeOur other stall neighbour, Anna Wiscombe, with her hand cut amazing wooden jewellery and other stuff!

jo waterhouseOne of our favourite stall holders, Jo Waterhouse, who we go and bug on our lunch break on Thursdays at the vintage market at Old Spitalfields : )

oh squirrelJolly Stationery design! Oh Squirrel….love her suitcase display : )

stuffed nonsenseAmazing french knitted and then knotted necklaces from Stuffed Nonsense….so much work!

proud of samplesVery proud, and rightly so, of a beautiful colour swatch chart! : )

the bellweatherCouldn’t resist buying one of the matchstick sew your own pendant kits from The Bellwether

dyfaldoncAs it says on their website: DyfalDonc comes from the Welsh saying “dyfal donc a dyr y garreg” which translates (roughly) as “a steady tapping breaks the stone”. We love their creations!

Phew! That’s the end of your tour! Here’s one last image of our stall that we quite liked, peeking through from Anna Wiscombe’s…

our stall againAnd here’s our mini haul from the fair (some things we bought were presents for other people…so not pictured – no spoilers!) :

mini haulMatchstick sew your own pendant kit from The Bellwether, beautiful cards from Jill and a little Christmas present package from Ladybird Likes – thanks!

We’re so happy to have been included in lots of other people’s blogs about the fair too…Thanks so much!!

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