A week in Spitalfields!

The past week in and around Spitalfields was an exciting one for us!

We found out that our commissioned Bishopsgate Institute brooch was currently on display in a cabinet in the Bishopsgate Institute Library!cabinet display 72

And, it was the London Album launch, a new book by the Gentle Author.

launch inviteThose of you who don’t know of the Gentle Author and his Spitalfields Life blog, should subscribe immediately! and enjoy a daily dose of anecdotal, historical, photographical, local and beautifully written stuff.

The launch was in Christ Church Spitalfields, one of our favourite local landmarks. (And the subject of our Spitalfields Crypt Trust charity brooch!)

The pews were all cleared for the event and the space filled with Spitalfields Life friends, fans and subjects. Here are a few (photo’s a bit grainy sorry!) Pearly Kings.

pearly kingWe missed out on seeing Barn the Spoon live carving….but were just in time for some locally brewed Truman’s ale and some of Leila’s cheese and bread! The choir from Bishopsgate Institute sounded amazing and the young jazz band played beautifully.

We got our London Album signed by the Gentle Author himself…..his pen must have been nearly worn out with the amount of copies sold and signed, judging by the ‘signing’ queue that lasted most of the evening! Get your own copy **here**!

london albumThank you for a lovely time!

It was whilst we were at the launch that Barbara, the archivist at the Bishopsgate Institute who had commissioned the brooch from us, told us about the temporary display currently in the library that includes our brooch!

bishopsgate institute2bThe cabinet display has fascinating newspaper articles and architect’s elevation plans from when it was originally built, images of it’s launch, it’s use and protection during the war, a recent humidor (exact replica!) in the shape of the Institute and our little brooch!

cabinetscabinet side viewhumidor sandbagselevationWe love the Bishopsgate Institute!! Our Spitalfields Christ Church brooch is already in the archive catalogue there – one of our proudest moments!

Here is it’s online listing!

library archive You can buy our Christ Church brooches on our online shop **here** the whole £6 goes straight to the Spitalfields Crypt Trust.

church on card

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One Response to A week in Spitalfields!

  1. sandrastokes says:

    Lovely, lovely.
    You should be proud.

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