Raven Row, Iain Baxter& and a shrink wrapped flat!

In August we really enjoyed our monthly trip to Raven Row gallery (which is just round the corner from us here in Spitalfields.) There’s always something inspiring to see there, but this time we got really lucky!

A rare chance to see the top flat that is above the gallery also provided the opportunity to see one of Iain Baxter&‘s wrapped installations.

Photo185The Raven Row website explains it best:

“BAXTER& will reconfigure his seminal work from 1966, Bagged Place, a totalising scheme of plastic, in ‘Rebecca’s flat’ on the top floor of 56 Artillery Lane. This remarkable period apartment was given intact to Raven Row by the family of Rebecca Levy who occupied the building between 1918 and 2009.”

Photo184Photo186 Photo187 Photo188 Photo189 Photo190 Photo191Wrapped or unwrapped, ‘Rebecca’s Flat’ is just beautiful – and a very emotional experience to see all the contents just as Rebecca Levy had lived there with them. Like she’s just popped out for milk….

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