Is that a real Kew Gardens token?

Ruth’s Dad finally cashed in his Kew Gardens token that we made him for Christmas and we all went for a day trip!

kew voucher(The token doesn’t work on the gate unfortunately!)

kew voucher side view

The Incredibles – edible plants exhibition was on at the time…And has been extended until Nov 2nd….There’s an Alice in Wonderland style giant tea-party table laid up with all kinds of edible plants in beautiful containers. Created by Kirsti Davies & Giles Thaxton

tablefizzy drinks radishrocket four and twenty blackbirdsradishOur favourites were the ‘rocket’ and the ‘four and twenty blackbirds’ plates!

ducks feetIn the lilypad greenhouse, the leaves growing above us looked like hundreds of tiny duck footprints!

Wandering round the grounds we also came across some giant woven/thatched mushrooms….by sculptor Tom Hare.

more mushroomsmushroomsgourd spyingWe had a look at some of the gourds that were growing…..

pagodaWe saw the Pagoda….In Ruth’s Dad’s photo it looks just like it does in our Ladybird book of London!

We filled in our i-spy tree book and learned the names of some of the trees. (that’s cheating really, doing it in Kew!)

ladybird and ispypostcard

We collected some pine cones from the ground and a tulip tree leaf. And we had a long look round the shop – nice postcard!

The most exciting thing about our whole visit was that the lovely lady that served us in the shop was wearing a pair of our Blackbird earrings! She’d bought them from our market stall just the day before! : )

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One Response to Is that a real Kew Gardens token?

  1. I am a wee bit green with envy for such a lovely day at Kew!

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