The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Dinosaurs in the City!

Came across Jake & Dinos Chapman’s Dinosaur sculptures: “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” next to the Gherkin the other day – they’re from 2007 but have been installed very recently as part of the ‘Sculpture in the City’ a project by the City of London.

Photo048 Photo049 Photo050 Photo052

This is the text from the City of London’s website explaining the project:

In the eastern part of the City of London, exciting sculptures from some of the world’s leading artists will be unveiled on street corners and in public squares on 20 June.

For 12 months, visitors, workers and residents can discover 10 art installations including the iconic Love sculpture by Robert Indiana, the distinctive life-sized figures of Antony Gormley, and three giant steel dinosaurs made by the Jake & Dinos Chapman. 

Participating artists have worked on site with the curatorial team to select and position their work in response to the surrounding architecture and built environment: Richard Wentworth’s Twenty-Four Hour Flag will jut from the top of the Hiscox Building, Gormley’s figures rise out from the pavement of St Helen’s Square and Jim Lambie’s keyhole will rest in the churchyard of St Botolph’s without Bishopsgate.


We also walked past “Numbers” by Robert Indiana (1980) and loved them! But didn’t realise they were all part of the same project, and didn’t manage to get a photo……yet….!

Can’t wait to go out with the camera soon to try and discover all the sculptures!

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