Inspirational Item of the Week #6

Ahoy! Here’s another item from our flat that is particularly pleasing us this week!:

Nautical Material!

nautical fabricThis is a mega close up – it’s shiny silk tie material – and has only been used to make a small purse so far….so there’s still a metre or so left to play with…

It has already inspired a nautical collar necklace – still a work in progress – but trying to combine a love of old 70’s string art nail pictures and all things nautical!

nautical stitched boatnautical stitched detailAnd here are some other nautical things that are hanging around the flat:

nautical measuring glassA tiny 1 oz kitchen shot glass. You can buy one here: Labour & Wait

nautical badge collectionA few boat items from Ruth’s 80’s badge collection.

nautical custom made broochCustom Made’s lovely yellow resin Sailing boat brooch – you can buy one here! : Custom Made

nautical lucie ellen broochLucie Ellen Wooden Sailing Boat brooch – you can buy it here: Lucie Ellen

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