Inspirational Item of the Week #5

Here’s another item from our flat that is particularly pleasing us this week!:

China HouseAnyone ever been to Radstock?

We have this menu framed and up on our wall in the studio. I reckon it’s over 30 years old, and is from my (Brendan’s) mum and dad’s old takeaway in Radstock, a small town where I grew up about 9 miles south of Bath.

Radstock is most famous for its tricky double round-about and for having a really big Co-op superstore (called Radco up until quite recently) that sells absolutely everything – fruit, veg, washing machines, holidays (there’s an in store travel agents!). I vaguely remember going to the grand opening with my mum when I was about 5 years old. Tony Blackburn was the special guest cutting the ribbon, but I didn’t really know who he was back then so I wasn’t that excited.

The menu is a nice reminder of the past, a little bit of Radstock in Spitalfields.

There’s still a Chinese takeaway at the same location in the town. I don’t know who it belongs to now but I reckon a portion of chips costs more than 13p!

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2 Responses to Inspirational Item of the Week #5

  1. hello DODO says:

    Love it! I’d like a reasonable special dinner 😀

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