Inspirational Item of the Week #4

Here’s another item from our flat that is particularly pleasing us this week!:

It’s another book – Island of the Blue Dolphins – one that Ruth still likes to read at least once a year!

island of blue dolphins

It is based on the true story of a Native American woman, Juana Maria, who was abandoned on a desolate island off the coast of California – and managed to survive alone there for 18 years! She was known as the Lost Woman of San Nicolas.

There’s a Wikipedia post about Juana Maria here.

Scott O’Dell’s version has Karana, aged 12, whose tribe was betrayed by the Aleutian sea otter hunters – jumping off the rescue ship to go back for her younger brother who had been left behind.

It then tells the inspirational story of her life on the island with her brother – and later without him.

These are my favourite passages – one about a skirt that she made from cormorant feathers and one about a necklace she made from abalone shells:

island of blue dolphins cormorant feathers

island of blue dolphins abalone shell

It won the Newbery Award for Children’s literature in 1960 – and is suitable for ages 12 and upwards!

The cover image on this 1966 edition is from the film from 1964 of the same name starring Celia Kaye as Karana. Keep meaning to look out for a copy somehow, somewhere!

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