Margate – the other bits we saw! (when we weren’t in the Shell Grotto)

Back in November 2012 we went to Margate when our trip to New York was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy – we’ve blogged about the amazing Shell Grotto – but forgot to mention the other stuff!

So…..There was the Shell Lady on the harbour……..the harbour itself………Turner Contemporary…….the Alex Katz exhibition at Turner Contemporary…….the sunset……..the storm…….the old Lido grounds……….the sea………..a lovely shop called Blackbird……….an antiques shop on King Street complete with pinball machine………..Junk Deluxe vintage emporium……….a great pub called The Lifeboat that served real ales and ciders-a-plenty directly from the barrels (including “Double Vision” cider) and the Great British Pizza place on the harbour side….

shell ladyShell Lady ‘Mrs Booth’ by Ann Carrington.

harbour1harbour2The harbour and Turner Contemporary at sunset.

alex katz postcardAlex Katz postcard purchased from Turner Contemporary. (now stuck up by our window)

storm comingStorm’s ‘a’ coming!

lido1lido2lido3lido4The old Lido.

seaThe sea!

pinballPinball machine in antiques shop – wish I could remember the name of it – pretty sure it was up King street on the right hand side….the end near the harbour…….it’s lovely….also bought a useful tin from there:

tin1tin2Useful tin!

owlLots of amazing owl bulldog clips in Junk Deluxe – not for sale unfortunately – but all their price labels look great popped in the top of the owls’ heads!

lifeboat barrelsLifeboat pub’s serving barrels.

And a quick reminder about how great the Shell Grotto is……our set of postcards…and one picture from inside of some shells!

shell grotto postcardsshell grotto entrance close up

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