Inspirational Item of the Week #1

In our Inspirational Item posts we will show an item from our flat that is particularly pleasing us that week!

This first item is a children’s book that Ruth had when she was young – it’s as good a read today as it was when she first read it about 30 years ago : )

Amazing illustrations and story by Arnold Lobel (1933-1987) This edition published in 1968.

The Great Blueness

Here’s a brief synopsis with a few cropped illustrations:

It’s a story about when the world was totally Black and White. The era known as The Great Greyness.

A Wizard who lived during this time was one day mixing his potions when he saw something strange at the bottom of his pot – it was the colour Blue!

Everyone in the world loved it! They painted everything blue! And this was known as The Great Blueness.


But…..after a long time, everyone started to feel terribly sad……and they didn’t like the new colour of their world anymore….

The Wizard went back to his pots and somehow managed to make Yellow! Everyone loved it! It was called The Great Yellowness…


But after a long time everyone started to get terrible headaches (including the Wizard!) from the sheer brightness of it all……and they weren’t happy with the way their world looked anymore…

Then came The Great Redness – but it didn’t take long before everyone became too angry! They were angry with the Wizard and he was angry at himself!


The Wizard then frantically and angrily tried to mix more and more colours but all he came up with was more Blue, more Yellow and more Red!

He had mixed so much that his pots were overflowing and they started to mix together – and that was when it happened – a Eureka moment for the Wizard!

Soon he was mixing the colours together himself to make all the colours of the rainbow!


People were finally, truly happy as they could paint all their stuff different colours – and, of course, that is why the world looks the way it does today : )

Does anyone else remember the first time they learnt about CMYK?

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2 Responses to Inspirational Item of the Week #1

  1. Brilliant! I recognise that illustrator from my childhood – but I never had that book.

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