I Am Acrylic go to Camp Bestival!

We were lucky enough to have a market stall in the Secret Emporium tent at Camp Bestival a few weeks ago.

Here are some photos of what we got up to, and who else we came across there:

1: Our plan for the market stall, the building of it and the finished item:

The Paper Plan


The Construction of the Trees


The Finished Article (quite a good likeness we think….although Brendan’s taking the photo, Ruth’s sitting down and the cloth is yellow……)


2. The Secret Emporium tent looked great inside and out and we had a lovely view from our stall:


3. More shots from inside the tent, and a mini guide to some of the other lovely designers that we met there:

Other Secret Emporium Designers:

Naomi Ryder: Gorgeous t-shirts, homeware, prints, notebooks, cards…

Beara Beara: Lovingly handmade & ethically made bags.

Love Ur Look: Beautiful Vintage Dresses (50% Upcycled fabrics/ 50% designed in house).

Mini Magpie: Gorgeous Childrens Clothes & Pom Pom Accessories for all ages.

Bootie Boutique: Unique gifts & accessories for babies.

Midnight Deer: One of a kind jewellery & accessories.

Jobee Jo: Amazing hand felted headware.

In Your Dreams: Truely sophisticated face painting.

Vanessa Conyers: Beautiful ceramics.

Tell Tails: Tails for adults and children!

Crooked Knitwear: Made to measure & off the peg clothing & accessories.

Beksies Boutique: Amazing bumbags and floral headdresses.


4. Thanks so much for a great weekend!

We met so many nice customers (young, old, parents, children….!), ate a lot of carrot cake (thanks to the Secret Emporium T-Bar!), met some amazing designers and are looking forward to lots more of the same at Bestival – The Ferry is booked!


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2 Responses to I Am Acrylic go to Camp Bestival!

  1. Wow, your stall looks amazing!

  2. Aaaaaw guys! I’m missing the Emporium big time! Thanks for the mention & lovely to see all your pics, Jen / themidnightdeer x

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