Thursday Thing Tank #2 The Menagerie

Welcome back to our “Thursday Thing Tank” – where we take pictures of things in our flat and tell you where they came from!

We do this on a Thursday (obviously) – but not every week…..we’ve got real work to do too…..:)

This week’s theme is THE MENAGERIE!

FoxesPrimatesHare & Tortoise

1: Hare & Tortoise card from the Charley Harper Memory Game. Published by Ammo Books.  Originally bought from Magma who now have their very own “Find My Piglet” Memory Game!

2: Our very own George the Tortoise brooch. Available from our online shop.

3: Hare eraser. This one came in a box of random erasers from Present & Correct. (The number pins are also from them)

4: Monkey Brooch. One of Lucie Ellen‘s wooden brooches. Don’t think she makes the monkey anymore – but she has many, many amazing designs to choose from!

5: Monkey card from the Charley Harper Memory Game. Published by Ammo Books.

6: Gorilla Super Glue. It’s super!

7: Fox ribbon. Bought from a lovely little shop in Berlin called Frieda Hain.

8: Fox Soop Ring. This flourescent fox is just one of many animal rings available from the lovely Soop Group. (Aka Wai-Lian Scannell)

9: Mr Fox. Beautiful needle felted fox made for us by our friend Fiona White. Available to order from Fiona:

10: Sean Sims Fox card from 1973. Not actually from the 70’s – but from the amazing stationery company Nineteenseventythree!.

Some close-up’s:

Fox RibbonMr Fox & Fox RingGeorgeHares Gorilla GlueMonkeys

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