Thursday Thing Tank #1 Yellow Stuff

Welcome to our “Thursday Thing Tank” – where we take pictures of things in our flat and tell you where they came from!

It’ll be on a Thursday (obviously) – but not every week…..we’ve got real work to do too…..:)

So, this week’s theme is YELLOW STUFF!

1: Lovely buttons from Paul Knopf Button shop (aka a treasure trove!) in Berlin –

2: Some of Ruth’s badges from her childhood collection (way back in the 80’s…) and

3: Our tiny necklaces! Lightning Bolt available in our shop – Stars available on our market stall (lots of other colours too):)

4: Gorgeous tin Bird pin from Japan – available from Shelf:

5: Tube of UHU – so useful!

6: Tape measure seloptape from Worldwide:

7: Plastic DDR egg cup from a flea market in Berlin.

8: Best ever Elephant Money Box from Present & Correct:  (the number pins are also from them:))

9: Nautical ribbon from Liberty’s Haberdashery dept.

Some close-ups:

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One Response to Thursday Thing Tank #1 Yellow Stuff

  1. I love this collection of yellow things, especially the elephant and chicken. What a great idea this blog post is.

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