This was too beautiful not to re-blog…from Jon Crispin’s Willard Collection.

There are quite a few items in the Willard collection at the New York State Museum that are not part of my suitcases documentation. These “institutional” pieces were too numerous to photograph, but this embroidered dress just had to be documented. The work was done by a patient who is not identified, but I am in […]

via Willard Patient Dress / Part 1 — Jon Crispin’s Notebook

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Hannah Zakari Window Display

Very excited to re-blog this post by Rachael from the wonderful shoppe Hannah Zakari in Edinburgh, all about the acrylic Meadow that we created for her new summer window display:

Our Summer Meadow Window Display…

Summer is here (at least, it was yesterday) and so is our latest summer meadow window display, I’m really excited to share the summery goodness with you!

I’d been thinking of the possibility of a wildflower meadow in our window for a while and on a run through Instagram one day saw that Brendan (from our favourite design duo, I Am Acrylic) had made some rather beautiful acrylic flowers for Ruth (the other half of the duo) and a plan started to form…

We love a designer collaboration at HZ and over the last couple of years we’ve worked with Lou Taylor, Laura Berger in addition to our in-house window efforts, so I approached I Am Acrylic with my idea and they said yes! What resulted was the most beautiful window filled with poppies and daisies and foxgloves and all the best summer meadow flowers, aren’t they beautiful?

i am acrylic x hannah zakari window display 4


i am acrylic x hannah zakari window display 1The acrylic is positively luminous in the sun, everything is so bright and happy! Plus it makes great use of our swing shelves, on which we’ve currently displayed work from Lou Taylor, One+Eight, Stay Home Club, Kate Rowland, Finest Imaginary and (new to HZ!) Amy Victoria Marsh. And spot the little ladybirds which HZ girl Aimee made for us.

i am acrylic x hannah zakari window display 2So far we’ve had some brilliant positive feedback, both on our Instagram and from customers in the HZ Shoppe, it radiates such a happy vibe!

i am acrylic x hannah zakari window display 5We’ve interviewed I Am Acrylic in the past on this blog which you can still read, and just a few weeks ago they held a jewellery making workshoppe in our shoppe (I so hope we can do that again one day!), but we’d love it if you were to pop into the shop and take a look!

Rachael x

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End of Term Workshop Fun!

We had a fun day on Friday when we went into the Frederick Bremer School in Walthamstow, to run our acrylic jewellery making workshop with some of the Year 8 & 10 pupils for one of their end of term activity days!

It was great being back in a DT classroom (or CDT as it was in our day!). It kind of felt like home too, as we still basically make our things today in the same way that we learnt how to make them back in school!

DT workshop

DT workshop = dream workshop!

Maybe one day we can have a row of mechanical fretsaws and many, many work benches like this in our workshop!

bench set up for workshop

Our jewellery workshop stuff, with examples and sample templates, all set up on one of the lovely benches!

aprons ready

Aprons at the ready!

The 13 pupils were divided into two groups for the day, and then each group had only about two and a bit hours to design, hand-cut, clean and finish their own necklace or keyring designs.

We were so impressed with their ambition and skills! We were teaching with hand piercing saws, rather than the mechanical fretsaws that we usually use, and they were all really accurate with their cutting.

Here are their finished designs – we really hope they had as much fun making them as we did teaching!

finished medley

The amazing finished necklaces and keyrings!

Aside from the jewellery making, a highlight of the day for us was our school dinner : ) Being called “Miss” and “Sir” was quite funny for us too – we kept looking over our shoulders to see who the pupils were talking to!

school dinner

School Dinner!

We’re also thinking that now we’ve done an official day of teaching, in a real live school, maybe we get to have a long summer holiday? No? Oh well….worth a try!

Thanks so much for having us Mrs Sayegh (the real DT teacher!) and thanks to the amazing technician Harriet, and big thanks to all the pupils for choosing to do our activity! Happy Summer Holidays guys! : )


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Folksy Friday

Folksy Friday – Three Bluetits, One Goldfinch and a Sparrow!

We’re very happy to be re-blogging this from our guest post over on the Folksy blog!

lighter twitter and instagram of all 5 birds

We love garden birds here at I Am Acrylic HQ and currently have a family of blue tits busily squeaking and tweeting away on our bird feeder (see image below!), so what better subject for our first #folksyfriday blog post than to celebrate some gorgeous garden bird items on Folksy!

image 1 blue tits on bird feeder

For those of you that don’t know #folksyfriday, it’s a great way to discover lots of new designers! The hashtag has been revived by Folksy after a 5-year hiatus, and we can’t wait to see what people post!

So get blogging about your favourite makers/new discoveries on Folksy, or simply check out the #folksyfriday hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to see what other people are talking about!

image 2 sally ayling whiter background

Blue Tit Brooch by Sally Ayling

Just look at this stunning Blue Tit brooch! We’ve long been a fan of Sally Ayling’s work (she also uses acrylic in some of her pieces) and her designs are always so intricate!

image 3 su owen bluetits

Blue Tit and Blossom Print by Su Owen

We met Su Owen at a recent Crafty Fox Market and fell in love with her illustrations and wooden brooches. We just love the colours of this beautiful blue tit print!


image 4 the makerss lighter

Needle Felt Blue Tit Kit

Eeek! Look at this little fella! You can make your own with this needle felting kit by The Makerss – and they have lots of different animals and bird kits too – have a look!

image 5 boodleboutique lighter

Wooden Goldfinch Printed Brooch

We love the way Bethan from Boodle Boutique gives all the animals and birds on her designs a personality! Just look at this goldfinch’s little face!

image 6 mogg shop sparrows

Sparrows with Seeds original Painting by Mogg Shop

These are the most beautiful sparrows I ever did see! We’ve loved Sally from Mogg Shop’s paintings ever since we discovered her work when she won a Folksy photo prize at Renegade Craft Fair a few years ago! It was a photo of a detail of our stall that won her the prize and we’ve been a fan ever since!


I Am AcrylicRuth and Brendan are two halves of I Am Acrylic. They’ve been making cute and quirky handmade necklaces and brooches (mostly from acrylic) since Brendan first made Ruth a fluorescent bird shaped keyring for her birthday back in 2004. All their designs are individually hand cut on their trusty fretsaw (they don’t use any laser cutting) and then they meticulously hand finish every component. It’s a labour of love, but well worth it, as each item remains unique. Ruth and Brendan are based in Spitalfields, London, and if they’re not in their workshop or having a tea break, then you might find them out on their market stall.


Click to find out what Folksy Friday is and how YOU can take part!
Folksy Friday on Twitter – Share your #folksyfriday blog posts with us on Twitter
Folksy Friday on Instagram – Create your own #folksyfriday collage on Instagram and share it on the tag
Folksy Friday on Pinterest – Choose your theme and create a Folksy Friday board on Pinterest

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Full Big Steam Ahead!

Remember the Big Steam Print that we crowdfunded – and blogged about in February? Well, it got the funding, and went FULL STEAM AHEAD! Yay!!

We went to see the 12.5 tonne steamroller in action, in Acton, at the Transport Museum Depot a few weeks ago.


Here’s an animation we made of our friends at SORT design printing their giant lino cut!

It was such an awesome sight!

You can still see it in action if you are in the Brighton area on 22nd May (as part of the Brighton Festival) and then in the Ditchling area on the 18th June.

As the whole event has been organised by the Ditchling Musuem of Art & Craft, it is going to be in action for the finale at the Ditchling Village Fete! Check their website for more details!

We loved seeing James Brown printing his huge lino print of Shakepeare as well – and on the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death too! Perfectly timed!

james brown big steam print

Inking up Shakespeare with the steamroller waiting in the background!

james brown big steam print2

The finished giant lino Shakespeare!

We really enjoyed looking around the rest of the depot too – I think they only open it once a year – would recommend a visit if you like that kind of thing!

lovely old carriage at transport muesum depot

Lovely old carriage outside the depot!

danger store cupboard at transport museum depot

Beautiful colours on a cupboard!

london transport museum

Lots of train carriages old and more recent, and old buses!

london transport museum 2

Lots of lovely signage!

What a brilliant day out! Thanks everyone involved – just gutted we’re not free to go and see it in action again!!

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Big Steam Print

We’ve just made a donation crowdfunding the Big Steam Print project organised by the Ditchling Museum of Art & Craft! So, so, so hope that this project goes ahead!

big steam print

There’s some amazing artists set to be involved who’ll make massive printing block works of art that will be printed by a vintage 12.5 tonne steam roller as it tours around the country! What’s not to love!

We’re particularly excited to see what SORT, Jo Waterhouse, Angie Lewin, Jonny Hannah, Anthony Burrill, Rob Ryan, James Brown and Lucky Budgie (whose super lino cut this is above) come up with if this project goes ahead! Keeping our fingers crossed it gets all it’s funding so we get some lovely postcards as our reward too! : )

big steam print in progress

Image above of the test lino being cut by Lucky Budgie on Instagram whose idea this whole vintage steam engine printing joyousness was!

They are 59% of the way there with the funding and their ArtFund page runs out in 9 days! Eek!

You can fund it with some great rewards here:

tote bag

printed off the roller

Image of the lino after being steam rolled(!) from @museumartcraft on Instagram. And above, a tote bag available as a crowdfunding reward!

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London Design Festival 2015

The following blog post is a re-blog from the wonderful Sarika Thakorlal who came to visit the special LDF edition of Crafty Fox Market and had a go in our jewellery workshop!

We loved her post so much and her photos are just lovely, so we decided we couldn’t do much better ourselves – and she loves Iris De La Torre as much as we do! – so it’s really perfect!

We’ll post some more photos from our weekend around the market and from the jewellery workshop another day – but for now please enjoy Sarika’s lovely post:

iris de la torre

(image above from Iris De La Torre’s Instagram)

For round 2 of London Design Festival the itinerary was far milder with only a couple of stops. That was the theory anyway. My feet were in a heavy protest from all the walking the day before so I had to forgo any style concerns and wear my brothers trainers for the day. Yes. My little brothers trainers. So, footwear adjusted, off my mum and I trotted to the Old Street Crafty Fox Market to see the delights of lots of talented makers. These fairs happen throughout the year and although this was my first visit to one of them, I shall definitely be attending more. Free entry, great vibe and excellent selection of exhibitors. And a bar! What more could you ask for?


Image above: Textiles by Hannah Rampley / I Am Acrylic jewellery

I had been stalking Iris De La Torre for some weeks on Instagram, so I was delighted to meet the charming lady herself and try on ALL her wares. When I first laid eyes on her work I thought to myself It’s like she went inside my head and pulled out the jewellery of my dreams! I couldn’t leave without a few of her pieces; they are so immaculately made and simultaneously sixties and modern in design. I believe that she is one to watch. You heard it here first!

Image above: Deco jewellery by Manolo / Little Storm jewellery / Colour wall by Prickle Press / Iris De La Torre my top pick of the day

Mum and I took part in a jewellery making workshop with I Am Acrylic which was super fun and she was quite the pro (who knew?!). Brendan and Ruth were so much fun and great teachers. I attempted a Mary Quant-esque flower, which turned out to be an orange splotch but whatever, I still loved it!


And Smile Studio had a great stand and were doing 5 minute portraits but the queue was growing by the minute so we had to duck out of that particular bit of fun and opted for more shopping and nosing at the stalls. There was so much to see and buy! I love chatting with the makers at these events, finding out about them and examining their work; and buying directly from them does give a warm fuzzy feeling that the mainstream just can’t provide.

All that shopping sure builds up an appetite so we stopped for sustenance at the outdoor food market (it was German day so it was bratwurst and beers) and then headed onwards to Brick Lane and Espacio Gallery. Here we found the excellent show Pop Up Studio by milliner and vintage upcycler Gemma Sangwine, and master silk weaver and award winner Nick Ozanne of Leto & Ariadne. The show was so beautifully curated and true to its name it really felt like their studio; right down to Nick’s loom and him in his weaving socks! Expect more pop ups from this talented pair, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

So that’s it for my LDF roundup! Next year I’m going to set some more days aside to see more of the sights (and maybe wear trainers from Day One to save myself the agony). I know that I missed so many amazing shows, 2 days just isn’t enough time to do it all! Tweet me @sarikathakorlal to let me know what you got up to last week. And also perhaps let me know what I should order next time I’m in Sketch? These are essential concerns you know!

Thanks for a lovely blog post Sarika – and we had a lovely time teaching you to make your orange splotch! : ) and it’s true, your Mum was a total natural at acrylic jewellery making in the workshop! Hope to bump into you at another market soon! : )

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We popped out to have a look at some of the London Design Festival 2015 things today – so much inspiration – and really lovely to see some of our friends showing at Tent London in Old Truman Brewery too!

Upstairs we found these lovely little screenprinted Huguenot houses by Sam Wingate.

more hugenots buildngs

hugenot house

even more hugenots buildings

We fell in love with Sam’s houses! And the concept behind them…..Based on the buildings around Spitalfields they were originally part of an exhibition called “Pocket Worship”. As Sam explains:

“The illustrations are of buildings built by the Huguenot refugees, and used as places of worship. The buildings have been altered over time, being adapted by new settlers to Spitalfields. The pieces are small enough to fit into a pocket, and consider what refugees can take when fleeing persecution – religion and culture.”

Great to see his new series of sceenprints too – excited to see more of his new work now as he starts an illustration MA at the Royal College of Art.

sam wingate

Great to see the always brilliant work of James Brown Prints next to Sam Wingate. We love his recent series of screenprints depicting all kinds of values and calculations – such as the Fibonacci Series and the Golden Section, The Tides, Human Skeleton and many more – and all with tons of information! And they look stunning too!

jmaes brown prints

We love glimpsing the work of Jonna Saarinen – always a beacon of bright bright colour!


Downstairs at Tent there was a whole section dedicated to craft from Ireland – all so beautifully laid out – we loved this loom being demonstrated – and another beautiful finished rug below.


rug in ireland section

It was great to pop in and catch the EtsyUk pop up exhibition also at Old Truman Brewery, called Four Corners of Craft.

We loved these bottles made from blown and found glass – all beautifully etched as well – stunning! They’re by Juli Bolanos-Durman.


So much more to see than we could ever get into this post – also great to see The Pattern Guild at Tent with their lovely selection of goodies and Alfred & Wilde too!

Go and have a look! And then come up to the Crafty Fox Market at Kachette – and say hello to us – we’re there all weekend with our stall and jewellery workshop!


There’s tons of free events arount the whole area as well – soooooooo much to see!! Check out the London Design Festival website!

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London Design Festival 2015

We’re really excited about being involved in **two lovely things** for London Design Festival!

We’re going to have our market stall and our drop-in workshop at the Crafty Fox Market event at Kachette near Old Street. There are loads of other lovely designers taking part all weekend and we can’t wait to hang out with them all day and see all the new stuff they’ve been making! Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th September.

Click the poster below for a link to all the designers taking part:

crafty fox

Come and have a go at making your own acrylic necklace or keychain in our drop-in workshop….there’s no need to book just grab a seat and have a go!

Here’s some of the previous workshop sessions from our Instagram page: #iamacrylicworkshop


And **excitingly** Viktorija from And Smile will be painting 5 minute watercolour portraits for you on the day! We can’t wait to see her in action : )


Also, to celebrate London Design Festival, we are offering **15% off everything in our online shop** for the week! Yay!

And we’ve teamed up with 6 other lovely accessories designer/makers who are also offering 15% off in their shops! (offer may only be on selected items in their shops – double check their social media for details!)

Use code WEARME at the checkout!


The designers are: (starting top left and going clockwise round the image)

Benu Made

And Smile

Iris De La Torre

Anna Wiscombe


Scout Editions

Custom Made

Check out their lovely lovely stuff and Happy discounted Shopping!

Offer ends at the end of Sunday 27th September : )

And make sure you check out all the other brilliant events that are on for London Design Festival! #LDF15

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The Wool Kitchen

We were so thrilled to receive a commission request from the lovely Helen from The Wool Kitchen to make her a The Wool Kitchen (TWK) necklace, based on one of her balls of hand dyed wool!

Here’s the finished thing, modelled by Helen this morning! : )

finished thing worn by helen

Here’s a close up:

finihsed necklace

Helen sent us a photo of one of her bestselling yarns, to base our design on:

blue bestseller and finished thing

And below is the preliminary paper mock-up we sent her with a little action shot of the tricky holes being cut with a hand saw (easier than on the mechanical fretsaw!).

sketch up and cutting

We love seeing photos on Helen’s Instagram account (thewoolkitchen) of her in her kitchen hand dying and making the balls from the skeins of freshly dyed wool…..we especially love it when she models one of our necklaces as she works! ; )

helen working imgaes

And we were so excited to go and “touch the wool” in the flesh! when she had an open studio event as part of the E17 Art Trail a few months ago…here are some photos we took on a lovely sunny Saturday, of her wares for sale in her lovely garden:

wool kitchen open day*****You can also touch the wool and buy it!***** The Wool Kitchen has a stall as part of the Yarn in the City’s pop-up market place NEXT SATURDAY! 5th Sept. at Chelsea Old Town Hall.

If you are knitting mad this is the place to be next Saturday! You can buy tickets in advance for the fair for £8 – or it’s £10 on the door.

We’re pleased to see that The Wool Kitchen is in good company as two of our other favourite knitters are also selling there: Max’s World & Yellow Bear Wares : )

yarn in the city

Full details can be found here: Yarn in the City

yarn in the city advert1

Image credits: The Wool Kitchen for her modelling shot and the two working studio shots and Yarn in the City for their vendor lists and advert photo.

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